Through its satellites, the UK discovers large oil deposits in the area of the Old Mines in Cyprus. The UK government calls a meeting and decides to handle the matter diplomatically, with the aim to get their hands on the oil. Their strategy is to officially apologise for their colonial policies of the past, and the sufferings these have caused, and to withdraw from the British sovereign military bases on the island. In exchange they would like to be given the deserted and useless area of the Old Mines, which they intend to reform and transform into an ecological park – as a symbolic gesture of their repentance and a monument of the new friendship that will govern the relations of the two countries from now on. The Cyprus government discusses the matter with some reservations because it does not trust ‘The English’.

A big part of the Old Mines area belongs to Constantas Chrisafis (who bought it from his Turkish Cypriot colleague Hasan Beyoglu), whose sole aim in life is to transform the barren field into a heavenly orchard. The outbreak of a big economic crisis leads the two sons of the family to bankruptcy, forcing them to move their families to their parents’ house at the Old Mines. The little house is suddenly playing host to eleven people. A lot of problems are caused by the sudden cohabitation.

Cypriot government representatives ask Costantas to concede the house to the State. He stubbornly refuses, no matter how tempting their offers may be. Meanwhile, ‘The English’ find out that the ownership of the place is not absolutely clarified and try to offer Hasan Beyoglu a large amount of money if he is willing to sell the house to a couple of English agents. Hasan, his son and the English couple end up camping out in the yard, demanding the house to be handed over. The house is under internal and external siege, whilst all parties involved face increasingly bizarre and hilarious scenarios…

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