While our recent work has been mainly for local TV release, our ultimate goal is to tell character-based "slice-of-life" stories, tackling human issues and enhancing our understanding of the world around us.

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The local cinema in the village of Panayia that once used to be the vibrant centre of the village, has been closed for more than 30 years. This documentary follows the journey of two retired local men, and life-long friends, trying to reopen the cinema, in the hope of bringing people back to the village centre and reliving the good old times of their youth.

The documentary has been screened to international audiences at festivals in Limassol, Nicosia, Ireland, Thessaloniki, London, Paris, Patra, and Lucerne.

The documentary tells the story of the people who fled their hometown during the invasion of 1974. Some of them became refugees in their own country, others went abroad. Some of them succeeded, whilst others still struggle with everyday life. All of them have one wish, to return to their homes they left 37 years ago.

Presenting the capital of Cyprus - the modern face of the city with its own rhythms that shape the everyday life of its people - this documentary illustrates one day in Nicosia in the early 20th century: its buildings, people, culture, and the combination of modern and traditional life, both inside and outside the historical city walls.

Available in Greek, English, French and German.

Depicting the importance of the Ayia Napa Aqueduct and the impact it had on the people and the region.

This Project was placed in the Community initiative INTERREG IIIA/Greece-Cyprus 2000-2006 and was co-funded 50% by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and 50% by National Resources.

The history of Transportation in Cyprus
Commissioned by the Ministry of Transportation, this documentary was shown during the celebration of 50 years of the Republic of Cyprus.

The documentary tells the story of Cyprus, from its independence and the establishment of the Cyprus Republic, to the Turkish Invasion, to the accession to the European Union. It was commissioned by the Press and Information Office (PIO) as part of the celebration of 50 years of the Republic of Cyprus.

A documentary about Green Energy and how to use it efficiently in building and construction. Commissioned by the Ministry of Commerce, the project was shown on various TV stations and energy exhibitions.

This documentary video for the Ayia Napa-Protaras area, commissioned by the Hotel Association of Ayia Napa-Protaras and the Cyprus Tourist Organization, depicts one day in Ayia Napa-Protaras from sunrise to sunset. The film is 12 minutes long and is currently distributed to various exhibitions and tourist organizations world-wide.

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